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"Would You Like Us To Set Everything Up
So You Can Profit FAST?"

Shortcut Your Way To Profit By Letting Us Set Up Everything FOR YOU!

The Easy Shortcut To Fast-track
Your Way To Profit...

I want to make things really easy for you.

Would you like to profit without lifting a finger?

You have access to a great PLR package that you can sell online and make 100% of the profits.

Setting all this stuff up is not very hard, however it can take some time especially if you're not technically minded.

This is for people who just want everything done for you. You want all this stuff set up online ready to start making sales!

If you want to save a bunch of time and shortcut and fast-track your way to the money this is FOR YOU!

We will do everything to get this PLR package online ready to start making sales for you.

For a very limited few people we can offer this service where my team and I will:

Edit all the private label content with your name on it -  so you can be seen as the expert authority in the industry!
Upload all the content onto your hosting account - so everything is online, working, ready to make sales!
Connecting all your pages together - so people will automatically go through your sales funnel automatically 24/7!
Integrating your auto-responder - so you can build a money making LIST!
Insert all you buy it now buttons - so you can get paid 100% directly to your account!

A Complete 100% Done For You Solution

All You Need To Do Is 3 Simple Steps

Say "Yes I Want It All Done For Me" 

Simply get access to this offer by clicking the buy button,

We Will Personally Get In Contact With You Via Email

After your purchase we will contact you directly on email to get some details from you.

Your Online Business Will Be Set Up For You - Ready To Start Collecting Payments

Everything will be done for you. So you can start making 100% profits online immediately.

Finally become part of the elite few who actually have a business online and working!

You Have 2 Choices...


Set Up Everything On Your Own

There is nothing wrong with this option. If you have the time to get everything set up online correctly...that is fantastic!

You can edit all the PLR content, get it hosted online, get all the pages set up online, create payment processors, buy buttons, autoresponder integration, email lists etc, etc.

If your time is more valuable or you just want it all done for you quickly you have option 2...


Let Us Do It For You

We will handle everything! Let us setup your entire sales funnel and business for you.

We will contact you to get a few details from there, you relax, sip a cup of tea, while everything gets done for you.

You then can sit back while your business is ready to start collecting payments online"

Get This Today And
Which Make This Offer
A Complete No Brainer...

Mega Bonus #1 - A Free Domain Name (VALUE $20)

I will purchase a brand new domain name for you!

A domain name is the web address. e.g. www.example

Whatever domain you would like we will get that purchased, setup and registered for you!

The domain is valid for 1 year only.

Mega Bonus #2 - Free Website Hosting
(VALUE $144)

We will host your website on our super fast hosting server.

No need to purchase your own hosting.

As part of this deal you get hosting free for 1 whole year.

Save time and money, as we get this all sorted for you!

Mega Bonus #3 -
1 Month's of Personal Email Coaching
(VALUE $297)

This Bonus Alone Is Worth 3x More Than Anything Else On This Page, And You Get It Free With This Offer

Yes that is right!

You get 1 whole month of personal email coaching by myself.

Ask me anything related to PLR or online business, info products, internet marketing etc.

I will reply personally to you, with help and advice.

I normally charge personal coaching clients $297 for 30 days email coaching!

Get this for free when you grab this offer today! 

Make more progress in the next 30 days than you have in the last year!

JUST ADDED! Limited to the first 20 Buyers!
We Will Also Rebrand One of The Sales Funnels For You!

Custom Re-Brand Service!

With PLR the people who get the best results are the people who go above and beyond in terms of making the package unique. 

Obviously you can still make good money by selling the package as is. But what I have found from experience is people who make the package more unique often make more money because it stands out in the marketplace. 

The feedback from customers is that they would love to do this but they don’t have the time or skillset to do this which is most people don’t.

So we have decided to go one step further to give YOU a truly unique advantage. 

So I have decided to add our custom re-brand service to this offer for a limited time as it's very resource heavy for me and my team.


Here is exactly what we do in this service:

Completely rebrand everything to a new name, so not the original name, something similar and related (So the product name is more unique, you can even make your own suggestion)

Completely rebrand everything with brand new unique graphics

This includes a brand new lead magnet cover unique to you 

Brand new paid product graphics unique to you, new checklist cover, resource cover, bundle covers

Your name/ picture on the front cover of these graphics (if you want)

Sales page edited with your brand new unique graphics

All in all this would become a unique one-off package unique to you. No-one in the world will have this uniquely branded funnel apart from you. 

We can offer this service because we have a team of professionals us who can do this, but because it takes a lot of our time we cannot offer it to many.

So if the status of this service is AVAILABLE, please don't delay and grab this now on a first come first serve basis.

You will not see this offer again!

Yes! Please Do It All For Me
And Give Me Access To The BONUSES Above!

For how much?

We can offer this service for a limited time period only.

Obviously this takes our team hours to set up this business for you. 

So we cant take unlimited people in this done for you service.

We may take down this offer at any time. If you see this page it means it's still currently available.

If this is something you want I would suggest taking action right now and getting this today!

We can offer this service for only $497


If this is something you want I would suggest taking action right now and getting this today!

We can offer this service for only $497!

But RIGHT NOW You Can Get Access To This Service For... $197

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Why would I want this?

If you just don't want to do all the technical set work this is for you. If your time is more valuable than doing the boring tech work this is for you. We get your sales funnel online so that is working and ready to start making profits directly into your account. All you have to do is send over some information we require so we can set up everything for you. This truly is the easiest way to get your business up and running fast!

What Exactly Gets Setup For Me?

In this done for you setup service we will setup the product "Affiliate Marketing School". The setup includes the setup of a optin/ squeeze page - giving away the free report. This will be hosted online, linked to an autoresponder account - to build your list, as well as an optin page download page. Also we will setup the main " Affiliate Marketing School" paid product, the sales page itself which includes the main guide, checklist, resources and mindmap. Furthermore we will setup the paid product download page, so your customers can download the product they purchased. We will set it up so that your customers can pay for your product via paypal, where you will receive 100% of the profits. We will create the buy button and integrate it into the pages. Lastly we will setup a 5 day follow up email campaign sequence to capture more sales. Everything here will be setup online, all the pages will be linked, integrated and tested so it all works like a well oiled funnel to build your list and sell your product.

How much will this cost?

The price for this service is currently set at $197 one time fee. However this price could go up at any time, due to demand. So it would be wise to grab this offer right now.

What is turn around time of getting this all set-up?

Once we get all the information required from you, we normally get things all setup within 3-5 working days. (This could be longer demanding on workflow, but we will keep you informed at all times)

Why should I get this today?

Obviously this takes our team hours to set up this business for you. So we cant take unlimited people in this done for you service. We may take down this offer at any time. If you see this page it means it's still currently available. If this is something you want I would suggest taking action right now and getting this today! 

How do I get started?

Click on the buy button right now and lets get your business set up for you!